I met Danse one time a few years ago at Saint Peter’s College during the good ole’ days when the College Radio was still airing strong. The most impressive part of Danse’s journey is that no matter how many years pass, he truly respects the art of lyricism. Not once have I heard a track or feature from Danse that lacked in the rhyme department. Even more so, the tact and consistency between content and flow is always available to the listening ear, alongside the fact that his production team (both visual and sonically) blend with harmony for each release thus far.

Today, we bring to you Danse’s newest film for a track entitled “Come On” featuring female vocalist Jeannel. Produced by the one and only Chi Beats, the track on aesthetics alone is a rugged expression of self preservation and forward progression. It is always a blessing to hear the words of a true artist who does not fear the melodic transition rap seems to moving towards, but yet, continues to drop precise verbiage in order to appeal to the true hiphop heads.

“My miracle pen is inspired by lyrical men, no phony bars or fake spiritual friends. Nah. I done prophesized massacres, I made the pain feel good for the masochist. I shot, the salad that they tried to make me toss, funny shit you still gave me your ass to kiss. Flatbush, is the place for inner city dreams. And they can’t shoot those down aiming the illest beams”-Danse