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It was just mere months ago when Isa Muhammad rhymed for Rick Ross on Venice Beach. Impressing the Miami hiphop entrepreneur and commanding the attention of the boardwalk, the iPhones and Droids came out to witness this Inglewood Emcee unleash 85 bars of straight heat. Even Ross found himself interjecting ever-so-often asking to hear more. As a result, Isa Muhammad dropped a track called “William Robert” featuring Rick Ross, to which if you haven’t heard it, you should definitely take a listen. The song I have for you today however is called “Inglewood’s Sunshine” featuring MaMa Sunshine, and is the joint I haven’t been able to keep out of rotation. A great topic with relevant lyrics and perspective on this one. Isa brings life to the lyrics “I’m the New Jay Elec”, as his chemistry with Mama Sunshine is reminiscent of Raekwon and Blue Raspberry. Isa Muhammad references his Islamic faith in his lyrics as he delivers social and political commentary, with braggadocious bars and delivery. I’ve only heard a small sample of Isa Muhammad’s work so I won’t make any premature assumptions, but I’m definitely listening. A word to the wise: Be cool, or be careful.

-Jones Herald