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Once again the homies over at JukeBounceWerk hit us off with something lovely. Inspired by Chicago Juke and Jersey Club music, Jersey City group “The Heights” (Scatta and Los) alongside the BK homie “Regent Street” came together to create a footwork banger entitled Flippin’ It VIP. Los and Scatta both dropped projects earlier this year and have continued to fuel their audience with exclusives for the body rock- while Regent Street has been a major influence to the culture, his debut release is seasoned nicely in the crock-pot until dinner is served. Let it be known however that the entire familia has been in the stu  collaborating on a new project entitled Primos, and with such brilliant minds tackling the crates and MPC’s, I am a true believer that the project is going to be FIRE.

Shout out to the homies Scatta and Los for always holding it down, and also to the extended fam Regent Street, Kush Jones, and Swisha. I see ya’ll. Keep making that thing happen, and we’ll be in touch soon.