The myth that photography is simply a hobby revolving around likes and followers is a misconception. To some, it is a wave that will crash and drown once the next popular thing comes along. But for a select few, the camera lens is the enlightened third eye that helps great minds express their creative ideas.


Being a photographer with a design aesthetic, Nabil Miftahi bka Nvbilll has delivered the language of the lens with a streetwear dialect. Nabil has been working closely with the East Coast brand Prey&Pray, who recently released their newest prints attributed to the phrase “Endless Summer[above]. Prey&Pray has an innovative combination of tact and style, and displays the grit and roots of the urban environment it was birthed in.

*Modeled by Calvin Geathers

With new projects brewing about spontaneously and product landing on the shelves of the Clearport in Jersey City, Prey&Pray appeases both visual talent through constant shoots and looks, and the consumer need through having actual pieces for purchase. The brand prides itself on being just as much of an experiment as it is a product. Meaning even though the actual designs are the main focus, sometimes it is dope to just let the whole picture be just as interesting as the subject.



*Modeled by Anthony Russo and Genad Wilen

Clothing shows no attrition when coupled with the right vision. And since maintaining visual conceptuality of the brand is a must, the final concept deserves to be displayed with proper technique and drenched in creative form. That is the reason why Prey&Pray and the homie Nvbilll can come together and drop something magical. Two minds, one body, and the rest is history.