NYC has been known as a connecting point for brilliant minds since the beginning of time. The vessels of The City echo a language that excites the brains of the fine-tuned, and encourages a vast amount of artistry to cultivate amongst one another. Our Manhattan loft photoshoot with model Jessica Rose set out to display those same truths, and prove how creatives can always make an impact once they unify as one machine. Design and photography, model and direction, all become the interwoven parts of a whole.


It was a mixed crowd of coast to coast homies packed into a quaint studio on the westside of NYC. A quick touch on the keypad had given us full advantage to the exposed brick and modern feel of the space. The first promo bag was full of Prey&Pray shirts, and the next was given to us exclusive from the new DeadSince Fall line. It’s simple. When model knows how to adapt within the direction of the team, the entire process becomes a godsend. As the model, Jessica Rose not only fit well with the CUTS team but also demonstrated effortless poise. It was amazing to see how photogenically flexible Jessica was, and how such a calm and relaxed demeanor was the perfect additive to the sweetness of it all.

In addition to the fact Jamaal is a beast behind the lens, the best photography comes from the exact moment you steal an irreplaceable moment from time, and claim it as yours. It is the feeling you get when you know that this, this is the one moment people will connect with. This was art meeting art. The synchronicity between the threads of the clothes and the confidence radiating from Jessica’s aura, made time within our tight schedule seem to move at a slower pace.


The ability to intrigue is the soil that harbors arts deepest roots, and for us, this was it. Our first studio shoot was complete, and each of our expertise had leveled up. And amidst all the creativity inside the walls of the loft, we also got a chance to sneak some nighttime rooftop shots in as well, but, we’ll save that for our next exclusive. Thanks again to the staff of homies that assisted in our project, and a big thanks to Jessica Rose, Nvbilll, Alaska (DeadSince), and Jamaal for being essential parts to the art machine. Peace.

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