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Reminiscing on the Golden Ages of rap it is clear that the overall clarity of an emcee must be accompanied by the bass and snares of its counterpart. The energy of a song is stabilized first by the producer at hand and calculated correctly by rap-style intervention. The New School calls it old school, the Old School calls it sacred, but we can all testify to the strength of that original boom-bap quality.


Rooted in the lands of New Jersey (Englewood), producer All Ceven of 6thBoro does more than just replicate a certain niche, in fact, his craft resonates heavier than that of the nostalgic quo. Boom-bap is of a natural essence that holds its value throughout the journey of hiphop. Of all the different styles that fade in and out as time progresses, the classic resemblance of vinyl cracks and sample cuts remain of the same essence it was birthed in. All Ceven has mastered the technique used to reawaken the memorable chakras of hiphop, and explores through recordings that date back DECADES before hiphop was even thought of. So whether you are looking to connect with a dope producer or justĀ vibing out with the ganja green, you’ll know exactly what I mean when you hit play.

6thBoro – “Begin”

6thBoro – “12am”

6thBoro – “El Pais”

6thBoro on Ki Bohiti’s “Amerikiiin Gunn” album