“Hold on. Hit this real quick.”

Jersey City may take a few more years before they legalize it, but trust and believe- you still need to pass that sh*t!

Our East Coast photog Jamaal ventured over to the Oktoberfest TurnUp event, hosted by The Committee Music Group (TCMG) out in Hoboken. A number of familiar hiphop heads attended as well as performed for a crowd packed into the  FAM Studios on Harrison Ave. There is no other feeling better than going to an underground event where you can poly with a chill group of people, and watch a bunch of artist drench the night with ill vibes.




The high-ceilings gave headroom for both acoustics and dope visuals in addition to being wide enough for the audience. Without a doubt, the lineup of artists set to take the stage were some of the most creative few scattered around Hudson County. Between the 070 and 7triiibes crews being in the building, alongside talent such as Cito on the Beat and DJ Fastlife, there laid an interesting combination floating around before the show even began. As some of the guests hopped up front and freestyle’d to some of the classic hiphop joints, the Oktoberfest TurnUp and main event were underway via turntable and mic.




Radiant and mysterious. Rough, but well-polished- these are the credentials that induce merit to this thing we call hiphop. There is no feeling that can mimic paying $5 to get into a show full of hungry talent, where it is all about creating an energy that brings people together, and the pure love for the art is the only reason you attended. When all that is needed to support the homies is you physically being there and contributing your energy to theirs, that is what the underground is, always has been, and forever will be about. No frills. No luxury. Just REAL RAP. Take it or leave it.

To experience the grass-root entities thriving on the brittle soil of the city and growing strong from the nutrient rich minds of its people, there a few things in life more intriguing. As long as the NJ/NY area continues to strengthen one another through creative mediums, the love for such passionate art forms will remain the untouchable force we all know it to be. And let’s not forget…

F*ck the police.

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