With the mind of an architect and the hands of a seamstress, designer Lesley Hampton is the S-Class prototype for texture and style. Lesley has a natural ability to match craftsmanship with exclusivity. She creates a balanced appeal between the modern tastes of the fashion-sphere, and the artistically sound detail for the designer eye. With an affinity for infusing fabric and metals, the depth between each piece can range from shiny and revealing, to well pressed and secretive, but always conveys a brilliant approach. With only a few hours left before Lesley’s newest Collection walks at Vancouver Fashion Week, we had a few quick questions for the keen mind behind the madness.


Being a seasoned designer among many other seasoned designers tonight, do you still develop a nervous feeling as the time gets closer?

I definitely still get nervous! I’m a perfectionist at heart so there’s no doubt in my mind that I will be hand sewing something up until the final minutes before my SS17 is shown.

What differences come to mind when you think about the development of this collection, in comparison to your last collection?

Last season, the inspiration for my FW16 Collection was the story of the Native American jingle dress, so I was able to construct my own version of that traditional dress using the metalwork techniques I’ve developed. This SS17 season, the inspiration is a Native American mermaid lore that told the story of a young native girl who spent so much time by the water that she eventually became a mermaid. I’ve translated this beautiful story into my collection with fabrics and silhouettes that evoke the mermaid aesthetic. I am showing men’s, women’s, and curvy designs on the runway this season with hopes to expand the diversity shown on Fashion Week runways. Much like the native mermaid’s transition from land to sea, breaking down the barriers in the fashion industry to become more size and gender fluid as a whole.


One word that describes the presentation we will see later tonight?

One word I would use to describe my runway presentation would be confidence. I hope my models will use my clothes as a catalyst to represent their confidence and strength on the runway.

*Lesley Hampton will be showing her Newest Collection at Vancouver Fashion Week TONIGHT 9/24/16*