As Vancouver Fashion Week speeds around the corner and CUTS prepares for another Media Partner rush, we bring to you today a free pass into the mind of brains and beauty. Fashion model Siena Hutton made her runway debut in last season’s VFW, and CUTS had a chance to experience the grace of such a talented individual. Although we did have a brief chat with Siena last season, it was a pleasure knowing she would return to walk the runway of such a grand event. It was only right we circled around to learn a little more about the life and mind of Siena Hutton.

We first met at Vancouver Fashion Week earlier this year. What was it like participating in one of the biggest events this side of the continent?

Vancouver Fashion Week was a dream come true!

Last season was my first runway event of this scale, and I had anticipated not booking too many shows at first. I had gone into it saying that I would be happy if I booked one per day, and satisfied if I booked one at all. However, by a fortunate turn of events, I had the chance to walk for 18 different designers including a few different looks for some. So a total of 22 walks! Having the opportunity to present the designs of so many talented artists from across the globe, was incredible.

As I had nothing to compare it to, I could only worry that fashion week would be your stereotypical catty girls, models that barely eat, and backstage hands that treat the models like objects.  All of those things are so far from the truth. I literally did not encounter a single model who was unfriendly or unkind, and it was great getting to spend the week bonding with them and hearing about their individual careers and backstories. Some snacked on samosas and sandwiches with their lettuce, and the backstage crew were great to all of us. Of course they expected us to be on point at any given time, but that’s understandable. Everyone from the hair and makeup teams, to the fitting room volunteers, to the head organizers were both professional and approachable. I was thrilled to learn that the stereotypes were just that… stereotypes. I can’t wait to get back into the crazy, busy, hectic, stressful, but wonderful week that is soon to come!

Do you find your talent shines more on the runway or in the studio?

Studio. though to make it broader I would say, photoshoots, as most of my recent work has been on location rather than indoors.

Runways are powerful and beautiful, but also, unforgiving. One of my favourite things to do is play YouTube videos of “Top Runway Walks” while eating dinner or just lounging around, I find it’s also one of the best ways to learn. That being said, I know that I still have some learning to do. When I’m on the runway, I’m still in a state of having to remind myself of every little detail. Relaxed. Shoulders back. Stomach in. Head high. Long strides. Fingers loose… things that I’m hoping that with time and experience will become second nature. If you forget any of these little details, or if you overthink them and it shows in your expression, there’s no chance at a second go. Whatever you present during those few seconds is final.

Photoshoots, however, are much more forgiving, as the results only show the best. That allows for a lot more free play and experimentation during the shoot itself. I let loose, feel the clothes, and am not afraid to try anything that pops into my mind. I think this reflects in my photos, and creates a fun and diverse portfolio for sure.

For those who don’t know, Siena is studying Roman Archaeology at UBC and visited Rome over the summer. what’s it like visiting a city that you have so much knowledge of?

It’s incredible!

I’ve been studying Ancient Rome for several years now, and have had the chance to be a part of three excavations. I was also lucky enough to visit Rome twice as a child, once when I was eight and again when I was eleven. With every class I take, every new fact I learn, and every time I return to Rome, the elevated appreciation I have continues to grow. Every time I turn a corner and see the Column of Marcus Aurelius, Trajan’s Market, or the Arch of Constantine, my mind hops immediately to a multitude of things.

I think of the time in history when the monument was created. Who was in power? What was the political situation? What events lead to the creation of the monument? I think of the imagery. The mythical or historical scenes that are shown, the painting, or decoration trends. In which part of the empire did these styles start and how did they come to Rome?

This passion has lead me to a decision which will effect not only my academic life, but also my modeling career.

This coming summer, after my graduation from UBC, I’m moving to Rome! From a modeling point of view, it’s going to be a scary new period of rebuilding. I’ve been lucky to have made several wonderful connections there over the past two years of excavations, but those connections are nowhere near as extensive as the network that I’ve built up in Vancouver. It will take time to learn the Roman market and to spread my name to local designers, photographers, and others in the industry. Regardless, the move is something that I’ve seen coming for quite a few years now, and with the skills that I’ve learned from building my reputation in Vancouver, I’m sure it won’t take long to slip my toes into the Roman fashion industry!


Any other cities you’d like to visit?

I’m always up for new places! I was lucky as a child to travel quite a bit. My Dad is a professor, so when I was younger he would take me out of school to join him on research trips and sabbaticals, as well as family vacations. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, English, Scotland, Italy, France… I definitely caught the travel bug very young, and would love to continue when I have more time. Dream places that I haven’t yet visited include Bali and Thailand for their culture and beauty, Japan for its anime, manga, and cosplay, and Norway for its metal bands and festivals.

From your personal perspective, what would be a dream come true pertaining to your fashion goals?

My number one dream is, without a doubt, meeting Coco Rocha. She’s been my idol since day one in everything from her poses and expressions, to her empowering and capable nature, to her fashion sense, to her amazing personality!

Other dreams include walking in a fashion week outside of Vancouver (AltaRoma and Feeric Fashion Weeks are my goals for the coming year) and getting published in a magazine that can be bought off the shelf in stores.

In a team of two would you rather a good hairstylist and a GREAT MUA, or a good MUA and a GREAT hairstylist?

Well, considering my hair is roughly an inch long, I’m definitely going to go with a great MUA! It doesn’t take much to mess this hair up or slick it back, and if last season of VFW is anything to judge by, that’s the general consensus for what to do with hair as short as mine. Sometimes I get to really mix it up though, and slick it back…but with a side or centre part!

And lastly, what piece of clothing should every woman own?

I think the most important piece in your wardrobe is something that stands out, and starts a conversation. Whatever the statement piece may be, it should be something with a story behind it.

Mine are my pants, which I bought at a booth on my favourite beach. Not only am I reminded of the beach whenever I wear them, but they are also eye catching, and I get to share about the beach with whoever comments on them. No doubt you’ll catch me in them one night at this season of VFW, so come say hi and I’d love to swap stories about your conversational piece!

*Extended Photo Cred

Aziz Dhamani
Kerp Photography
Dale Rollings