First things first, big ups to Charades, Mezzo Fonzerelli, Trub, and Nario Da Don! Each of these emcees spit bars crazy. Glad to see dope artists coming out of Florida. Respect. We’ve been following Mal Forte for a minute, and glad that he was a part of some new dope shit…

Snyper in the Cypher


Born a poet, Jamal “Mal Forte’” Wallace adds a certain taste to the modern day music industry. At the age of 24 this Jacksonville native displays his passions through the arts of Hip Hop and spoken word that resonate beyond the shallow waves. He introduces a mixture of both eclectic poise and creative style that allows him to differentiate himself from the masses.


During high school, Mal Forte’ became an avid admirer of the recording process: Putting melodies and instrumentation to his vocals and working endless hours to achieve a complete product. Forte’ approaches his music in the same manner  that a painter approaches his canvas. By mixing his pallet of poetry together in one cohesive display, he ultimately creates a unique form of expression that matches the wit of his technical talents as well. Such facts have led him to performances with artists such as Rick Ross, Fab, Wayne, B.O.B, Yo Gotti, T.I, Young Jeezy, Migos, Meek Mill, Curren$y, and, if you can believe it, even more heads…

Due to his metaphoric creative writing and word play in his lyrical delivery, Mal Forte has been granted the honor of being respected by his peers, community, and members of the Industry.

Risk Takerz the label presents The Best In Florida XXL edition cypher
featuring Mal Forte.