The Heart of Van

Vancouver is a city that remains vast in artistic expression. It is almost impossible to deny some of the individual threads that hold the Vancity art culture together. In such a tight-knit environment, it is of respect when one of the key contributors are recognized- as the leaders will expand the lanes for others to venture through. To understand music as a whole, you must not only familiarize yourself with a popular niche, but also comprehend the articulate minds of the underground as well. So when the Maestro plays the jams of the week at your favorite club, but come to find out, he also hosts a stage for urban talent to rock on, it becomes quite clear the knowledge and experience such an individual must possess.


Floetic is one of the elite amongst Vancouver’s night scene. I first heard of Floetic from a colleague of mine about a live event him and his crew host for local artists.

“The Emotions Open Mic. Every Last Sunday of the Month.”

An event that brings together the intellect of fine-tuned musicians and invites some of the most beautiful people to watch from the crowd. We shot our first CUTS live event coverage of Emotions last August, boom. Geared up again and shot the One Year Anniversary of Emotions a few months later, boom. Before we knew it, we had connected with Vancity’s finest from a couple of shows Floetic invited us to. Just to see the eccentricity of the crowd that gravitated around him, and the immense impact he had on others, spoke testaments to not only his skills, but his character.

Floetic x Marvin Ryles

Emotions Open Mic One Year Anniversary

Aside from hosting a dope event, Floetic frequently DJ’s at some of the biggest clubs on both sides of the border. From the double-decker powerhouse known as Republic in Downtown Van, to the wide bodied dance floor of Q Nightclub in Seattle, Floetic jumps off with a variety of genres for the crowd’s ear. In between dropping banger after banger, and enjoying the every-so-often round of tequila, there is rarely a night Floetic plays at a club and the shit ain’t jumping. His ultimate success stems from his innate ability to be genuine in his purpose. No frills, no hogwash, just dope vibes and ill riddims. All of this has enabled Floetic to partner with a multitude of venues across both Canada and the U.S., but also helps to connect with  reputable entities in his hood such as streetwear brands Loyal Coalition and Self-Hired.

In addition to the apparent credibility, there is also some production involved with all that is Floetic. His last project entitled Sound Lust debuted on May 29th, 2016, which tied together both his DJing and promotional traits. He featured local artists on the Sound Lust EP which created a digital platform for a select few, as well as a mixing of instrumentation by Floetic himself. We featured Floetic’s previous project the Apple Turnover Pt. 4, which unlike the original composure behind Sound Lust, was a pure compilation of industry mixes and official club music.

Floetic is more than just a name. More than just a brand, a DJ, or Producer. Hard work and dedication are the masters of the spirit within the workhorse and the entrepreneur. When the stars align in the right formation and you can attack every angle available, only then will you understand the ethic needed to excel within an artistic community. Show me a more calibrated individual, and I’ll show you a liar.