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The rap confidants Perry Porter and CDVSHZ known as Sleep Steady, have been making quite some noise as of late. The Tacoma-based artists released their first 4-track EP entitled Beast last year and landed a column in the Seattle Times for a performance they did with the Bad Dad Collective- a hub for artists and musicians of all sorts. We had a chance to see Sleep Steady live at the “Beyond Thunderdome Vol.3” in Tacoma back in May where they performed their newest track (at the time) entitled “War”, and since then, we’ve been ready to see the next move. What stands out most about the duo is their ability to be abrasively poetic, in the sense that their aggressive lyricism contains a strong underlining of metaphor and character. Today’s Audio For The Audience post is the true results of such evident claims, in which the power of the two emcees remain undeniable.

On August 15th, 2016, Sleep Steady released a single entitled Danica (Prod. by Lukrative Beats) via Spotify and Soundcloud. Per the usual, the beat is a great representation of their “Trunk Music” tastes- rattling with bass heavy kicks and precise percussion. When thrown under a microscope and tested for lyrical quality, I have to say, this is probably one of my favorite songs by the group (with “Blouses” as a close, close second). Forget what you think hiphop should sound like, this prime cut off the PNW flank is as solid as solid gets.