The transparency of selfless endeavors reflects the inner most qualities of an organization. To denounce the faux pas’ of business flack only to remain a solid life force for progression, will always reign supreme in a scholastic environment. The Toni&Guy Academy of Seattle is the true embodiment of such evident claims, and the tactfulness of the brand coupled with the immense creativity of the student body, has proven yet again to be one of the best combinations we have seen thus far.

The Hair Meet Wardrobe runway event, hosted by T&G, was a breathtaking resemblance of passion and purpose. On the surface, the event was geared towards providing a real life challenge for a fresh group of students looking to orchestrate a great fashion event. But the final journey was brought to fruition by the amazing feats the students had accomplished, giving them the feeling of success through trial and tribulation. Every head of hair that promenaded down the runway, and every face that gleamed against the flash of a camera, had been touched, retouched, and beautified by the hands of budding professionals. Bearing iconic trends from LA, Paris, and London, the models were dressed in eclectic ensembles that traveled through time, but more importantly, traveled through our hearts.

T_G Fashion Show_43

The chairs were filled to capacity. The eyes that absorbed the show were trapped in amazement. Hands applauded with modesty, congratulating not only the ferocity of the models, but the entire cast responsible for such a great night. Photographers occupied the runway pit, snapping away at the elegant walkers and capturing the essence of the ongoing production. It was a window to the soul that glanced into each of us, and took us away to the land of styling and artistic expression. Without a doubt, all things had fallen into place, and before we knew it, it had come to an end.

Thank you to everyone who made the night possible: Academy Director Courtney Verble, Education Director Arikka Godoy, Admissions Director Laticia Weather, our fellow sponsors Deyonte’ Weather, Hutch Artistry, and Fashion District FW, each team member, instructor, and artist, as well as the models and participating audience members. And let us not forget to chase our passions, follow our dreams, and come together to make all things possible. Kudos.

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T_G Fashion Show

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Toni&Guy Seattle Academy