The trailblazers within any industry will always set the precedent for what is next to come. Every architect accessorizes himself with the same tools, but the skilled hand acting under precise technique is the difference between your average high-rise and the Burj Khalifa. Of course hiphop and architecture are distant relatives and there is more than just a technical approach used to create remarkable results, but undoubtedly, a proper foundation is needed in order to attempt remarkable feats.

We are honored to premiere the newest video from Blaze, the Rebel entitled Jermaine’s Interlude today on CUTS. Blaze is an East Orange (NJ) representative that has been consecutively banging out dope material for the past year. The true brilliance that Blaze incorporates into his music is connected to a few decorated facets. For one, the wittiness within the lyrical content is beyond top notch. Blaze releases a combination of punchlines and metaphors in a “no holds barred” fashion, intertwined with a unique delivery.  For two, he steers clear of the redundant attempt to be catchy, and connects with the real hiphop heads that pay close attention to the words an emcee spits. Even more so, it is truly amazing how well adapted in performance Blaze is pertaining to his calm and confident poise on the mic, especially at the ripe age of 19. And most importantly, he remains consistent. The ability to not only drop ill verses and choose the right production, but also continue to lace the final product with some of the dopest visuals you can ask for, is the exact recipe needed to create a masterpiece.

Jermaine’s Interlude closes in one of the biggest woes an emcee can have. Taking place in a certified bodega Blaze, the Rebel rhymes through the aisles as he stacks shelves and mops floors. In our opinion, Blaze’s inner strength comes from the core of his voice and immaculate flow as he articulates the misfortune of not being born with a silver spoon. We would love to tell you more, but clicking play will have better results. Peep the dopeness below.