Our introductory year as a publication within the artistic community has been a distinct pleasure for sure. Starting a journey with nothing but an idea and a few hands on deck has built character through triumph and err. I have found solace at all ends of the creative spectrum, and I hope that the intensity of all art forms are felt through our articles. From sleepless nights gaining coverage of Vancouver Fashion Week, to single day streetwear and hiphop bangers like the ProVision Sayless Event in Jersey City, to each artist around the world who we’ve felt has fire in their soul and passion in their blood- we have experienced so much strength in every niche we’ve experienced, and we are glad to be a part of it all.

So for those who have been viewing us from the jump and for those who are just recently catching wind, I am excited to relive some of the moments we have cherished along the way in our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION piece, as well as drop the CUTS Selects vol.1 project featuring some of the hiphop talent we have covered since they day we opened. We thank you for the dope 365, and stay tuned throughout the second year of Creativity Under The Surface.


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Album Review: 11:11 EP


“Toronto-based vocalist and seasoned artist “11:11”, released his Self-Titled project on Oct. 21, 2015. Within the threads of the piece, 11 displays a few collected perspectives that stem from their own individual spectrum. While the song I’m Good relates to an intimate situation going astray and the unraveling of a long term commitment- the lyrics for “Henny and Gin“, cascades its boisterous shine in a different sky altogether.”-Marvin Ryles

Westside Gunn ft. Tiona D – Never Coming Homme

“…Putting out non-stop visuals and music through Griselda Records alongside his partner in rhyme Conway, WestsideGunn’s high vocal tone, killer designer wordplay, and clean crisp video production quality has his name generating a lot of attention.”-Jonz Herald

Vancouver Fashion Week 2015/2016

“Experiencing the awe of fascination will render the laws of attraction inevitable. To be touched by creative pattern and eccentric design brings a level of appreciation to the artistic realms of the Elite Fashion World. Texture and Palette;  Ideas and Innovation; Product and Display- are all tools utilized by brilliant minds in an attempt to transcend dreams into reality. This is more than just a runway. This is art in motion entangled with a vibrant selection of genuine spirits and unfathomable passion to boot. When the lights are on and the stage is yours, you will understand what it truly means to be a part of Vancouver Fashion Week.”-Marvin Ryles

NY Model x Raven Arce

“NY Model and aspiring actress Raven Arce, has graced the camera lens with an elegant fascination. Her style of expertise incorporates a unique perspective to the art of risque, as well as an integrated balance of NY culture. In Sept 2015, Raven partnered with East Coast Media SpecialistUnderground NYC” in a productive shoot beneath the streets of NY.”-Marvin Ryles

Under The Surface: Tripletrainimage

DJ’s Mel G and DBK are representatives of a rising culture. Producing music behind the walls of the Chicago Footwork music genre as Tripletrain, you can also find Mel G and DBK showing up and showing out for the well seeded entity known as Teklife. Influenced by the creative minds of DJ Spinn and the timeless work of DJ Rashad, both of these men pride themselves on pushing the culture of Footwork forward with integral displays of quality and constant progression. Our East Coast photog Jamaal White, sat down with Mel G and DBK for a moment to bring you a glimpse of two powerhouses from a world of artistry you may not be familiar with…”-Marvin Ryles

Kicks by Shampoo


“We all have had those few pairs of sneaks’ that felt perfect straight out the box and laced proper. The sole concern of the consumer is based around the expertise of the designer(s) that brings the entire product to life. To some, the ideal shoe has areas of comfort in the right places, while others prefer an articulate style over a more cushioned experience. However, the collective bunch can all agree that a large portion of the props given to their favorite kicks should go to the pen and paper Graph-Heads that connect with a lifestyle they believe in.”-Marvin Ryles

CUTS Review – “No Call No Show” EPIMG_20160427_015936

“I want to start off by saying that the NCNS (No Call No Show) project was Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered, Produced, and Post-Produced, in its entirety, by the artist Judell Rome. I have been quite interested in this body of work for a while, as we first connected with Judell through a track called Floetry back in January. He mentioned the prospects of a full project in the near future, and needless to say, it was a dope experience dumping this album through my DT770 Pro’s, and guiding through the more intricate details of the artistry as a whole.”-Marvin Ryles

The Majestic Mind of Jessica Rose


“We interviewed model Jessica Rose for two reasons. The first being to tap into the mind of an attractiveness that most of us rarely get a chance to explore. And secondly,  dilute the inaccurate statement that beauty is only skin deep. In her first interview ever, Jessica represents the wholeness we yearn for amidst a cosmetic culture, and with absolute certainty, her passionate purpose transcends through a divine shell.”-Marvin Ryles

CUTS Interview: Fashion Photographer Todd Anthony Tyler

“…For over a decade, Tyler has been operating his own studio in Shanghai, China, and throughout his ongoing tenure, has achieved published accreditation with some of the most reputable names in the Fashion World. From snapping photos for Elle China to Vogue Italia, operating as the Resident Photographer for Asia’s Next Top Model, and currently partaking as a Judge and Resident Photog for Asia’s very own Fit For Fashion– Tyler has been making gigantic leaps from one milestone to the next.“-Marvin Ryles

 ProVision: Sayless Event (Jersey City)IMG_3843

“Jersey City. Where vibrant culture breeds creativity to the furthest extent. Where voices and hands can erupt into full-fledged combat, or come together in harmonious synchronicity. Where a blank stage is the canvas for tongues to paint masterpieces, and those of the visual arts pride themselves amongst unified originality. A mecca that births passion. A foundation for creative ventures. A soul-seeking resemblance of all those who keep the city upright and fruited. This is the truth of truths, and it felt good to be home.”-Marvin Ryles

Loyal Coalition

vancity FW_25

Designed by the sartorial hand that is granted the joy of the finest fabrics… Rooted in the grounds of determination, and cultivated in the soil of a city rich in artistic growth and potential- Vancouver-based Clothing Brand Loyal Coalition has defined the standard for Premium Casual Wear.”-Marvin Ryles

ProVision: “Nothing But Love” Event


8pm. Light a bowl. Throw on some socks and pull out the laces of my Adidas shells so I can get the tongue to stand up. Do the usual browse on the phone while I wait on Chris to come scoop me for this Provision event. Then fuck…I see it, the New York Times did an article on Jersey City. Was it good for us? I’m not sure I thought as I glanced over the headline a third time, “Moving to Jersey City? Join the club.” Join the club? This is the wave now?”-True

NY Has HipHop

“Flatbush representative and lyrical genius Danse Daimons, is a tried-and-true element of artistic perspective and intelligent design. In fact, his entire camp at BKLYNSTICKUP is a collective of devoted entrepreneurs with a branded networking niche.”-Marvin Ryles

Emotions Open Mic


I am convinced, there is no rivalry to the work the Emotions Team puts in for Vancity artistry. Positive direction and constant drive are attributes that the Emotions Open Mic continues to strive for.  To experience the passion of emcees and vocalists; the enchantment of interpretive dance; the beautiful harmonization between guitar and drum, and the keen representation of artistic design- is a blessing in itself. The “Creativity Under The Surface” (CUTS) crew ventured across northern borders once again, only this time, to celebrate the One Year Anniversary of the dopest showcase around.


Model IndyaMarie

“The sensuality of eurhythmics has truly been embodied within Ms. Indya Marie. In other words, “Damn girl… you sho’ is fine!” There is a certain elegance to such truths however. Well proportioned and laced in diamond and ink, Indya ignites an entire spectrum of photographic excellence. Dabbling in both the Lifestyle and Lingerie fields of modeling Ms. Marie is a prime representation of World-Class artistry.”-Marvin Ryles

Beyond Thunderdome Vol.3


“It was as if the universe was pulling bits and pieces of our journey thus far, and smashing them together all at once. Everything that CUTS represents was being presented in new forms, and to be quite honest, the art scene in Tacoma, WA is a mirror image of the dopeness I am accustomed to back on the East Coast.”-Marvin Ryles


Tonii and Guy HMW