From Copenhagen to Morocco, Seattle to Yokohama- Power vocalist Aisha Fukushima has touched a wide demographic in excellent ways. From an artist standpoint, Aisha pursues music in-tune with the beat of our Modern Renaissance. In song and business, the mind of an activist grasps the concepts needed to survive in an artistic community, and without a doubt, much can be said about the drive and ability of such a talented soul…

Aisha album cover

Aisha Fukushima is a vocal balance of strength and character. Her style is embedded in an unfaltering essence that shines independently of instrumentation, and carves its elegance into the listening ear. An affluent member of the Asia powerhouse Soi Music TV, and recently releasing a soundbyte entitled The Cypher EP, Fukushima brings a mixture of flavor that is unmatched by most vocalist. Aside from the utter brilliance behind her chords, Aisha has founded the RAPtivism Project which is a global entity geared towards utilizing hiphop culture as a remedy for universal injustices. To “build movements, not structures” and “learn how to honor one another” is not only sound advice from Fukushima herself, but also appeals to the better qualities in all of us.

Check out Aisha Fukushima’s video for “Missing You” below.