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First and foremost, the respect paid to the lineage of hiphop and its contributors as a whole, hits you right in the face as soon as the song begins. From what I believe to be a Lord Jamar sample as the track opens, stating that white rappers are deemed as guests in the House of HipHop– the essence of this track appeases to an unspoken social construct that it does not matter what color you are in order to be accepted, but if you are entering into a culture that is not directly linked to the organic fabric of your own creed, you have no choice but to be a “good guest” within it.


Brooklyn emcee Your Old Droog, made it a point to promote the idea that dope is dope no matter what the pigment of your skin may be. In this single entitled White Rappers (A Good Guest), Droog is fully aware of his Ukrainian roots (although you may not be) but knows that his ability to out-rhyme his competition within hiphop, is far superior to his not-so-hiphop ethnicity. But at the end of it all, that is the beauty of art. People may judge, but art does not. People may hold ridiculous standards and subjective ideologies, but art does not. The only thing an art form asks of its participants are an unadulterated sense of dedication and a strong sense of self. And Your Old Droog has fulfilled both of these requirements to the utmost capacity.

Droog = Friend.
Your Old Friend.