The creative conscious will forever supersede the stagnant mind. When the question of life is proposed, “progression” is one of the few answers that bear any validity, and to the feeble mind, it can not, and will not, ever make sense. Some think it is just the “luck of the draw”, while others claim it to be fate. The only thing we can be absolutely sure of is those who do not aim to become better everyday will continue to falter amongst those who evolve in unwavering growth and consistency.

CUTS Alumni and female vocalist/emcee Jazzy has done nothing short of be a positive force in the world of copious musicians. The last time we featured Jazzy, we were in a celebratory state due to her landing a spot on Fab’s Summertime Shootout mixtape with a dope track entitled “Real One”. Today, we are proudly reliving that event in visual form, as the track has warranted itself a video production exclusive on WSHH. It has been an honor to watch this young talent continue to propel herself beyond the limits, and triumphantly claim her position in the hiphop community. As we have mentioned previously, we will always rock with Jazzy, and that truth remains the same for years to come. On behalf of CUTS and NJ as a whole, we wish Jazzy the best on her journey to success.

Produced by: Gerard Victor