The Modern Renaissance is real.

I want to start off by saying that the NCNS (No Call No Show) project was Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered, Produced, and Post-Produced, in its entirety, by the artist Judell Rome. I have been quite interested in this body of work for a while, as we first connected with Judell through a track called Floetry back in January. He mentioned the prospects of a full project in the near future, and needless to say, it was a dope experience dumping this album through my DT770 Pro’s, and guiding through the more intricate details of the artistry as a whole.

Judell Rome

NCNS on a musical note, incorporates a large assortment of instrumental sound. The beats from song to song range from piano keys, to violin strings; keyboard distortions and melodic riffs, that all tie together to produce a fine tuned experience. The overall listening was very clear and concise, adhering to the quality of professional grade material. On many ends of the spectrum, Judell captivates and controls the listeners attention, and sways them in the direction he deems necessary.

It is debatable however, whether NCNS is a little too polished in some areas. While the majority of the material shines bright with a smoother finish and vocal elegance, it would have been nice to hear a more rugged sound once or twice in between the blueprint, just to complete the circuit of malleable-ness I know Judell is capable of. Regardless, I did enjoy how descriptive Judell is when speaking through his personal perspective, and I definitely give praise to the well rounded composure and aesthetic sound of the final product.

Undeniably, the flows articulated by Judell are of a high grade. It was hard to catch any abrupt transitions in the rhyme scheme as one style drifted into another, and stayed well balanced throughout each verse from chorus to chorus. For instance in Re-Up (above), the wide area of the beat allows Judell’s voice to promenade at a slow tempo at first, but gives more than enough space for the stylistics of his flow to flourish as well as the syllabic patterning to be effective.

NCNS is an album that has the potential to appease to many ears of the listening sort. For those looking for well produced beats with a contemporary flip; dying for a cohesive blend of instrumentation and vocals, or just a lyric-head listening for dope similes, flow, and wittiness- this project remains one of the more eclectic pieces of work released this year.

On Both Sides

Production Wise- The project gleams of worldly sounds and instrumentation. The composition is suited for the well needed smoke sesh and is a good choice to get the ladies settled in as well. Pop the cork or twist the cap, either way, I believe the beats have a very listenable appeal, rather than obtruding the air space or peaking in intensity. As I mentioned, I would have enjoyed a track or two geared around a more aggressive style, but Judell served himself well by honing in to a cohesive sound, and developing his production to fit with his unique cadence.

Artist Wise- Judell Rome has a very distinguishable and poised vocal presence. He understands the concept of lyric placement and flow structure, doubling with the fact that Judell is conceptually sound and idea-driven. I think one of his strongest abilities as an artist is the fact he can weave in and out of the threads and stay indebted to a well crafted pocket.

The illest part of it all is that Judell creates EVERYTHING. And that alone puts Mr. Rome on  a different playing field from the jump. I thought the project was very well put together and clearly sets itself apart from the pack.

No Call No Show Album by Judell Rome