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This is what separates mice from Men. You see, your local booty rapper will use shallow puns and predictable rhyme structure over a beat that barely meets a hiphop credential. And I hate to always compare rappers to 7TRiiiBES, but seriously, DUMB RAPPERS NEED TEACHING. It is a certain poise of the voice mixing with a distinct vernacular that gives style to an emcees words. This is not some overproduced flimflam creating mindless body movements at your favorite club. Or some synthetic “new age” hipPOP, trying hard to be of the essence. This is a classic cut of contemporary artistry crashing through your window and telling you to WAKE THE F*CK UP before the Donald Trump’s of hiphop ruin it for everyone.

Side Note: Stop drinking tap water, it calcifies your pineal gland (third eye).

If you do not know Ki Bohiti by now… you stupid. Homie has been the god from the jump. But on the low, that boy Kast stays dropping some distilled water intelligence on you dry brain knuckleheads. Last I had seen Kast he was seated between Bohiti and the lyricist Live Higher on a track called Triiibe Siiide, so to hear him as the intro-verse on this track was a dope experience to begin with. Placement within a song can be crucial to the sound it resonates, and Kast opened up the track with a strong grip on the mic’s neck. What was also dope was to see Bohiti rocking that Villainous NY jacket (What up Gus). When everything comes together nicely, and the realness is represented correctly, only then can we all agree that something special has happened. Because quite honestly, there are few that encapsulate that sound as well as them boys out in Union City. #7triiibes #LowDownLords

Peep the Steeze.