We all have had those few pairs of sneaks’ that felt perfect straight out the box and laced proper. The sole concern of the consumer is based around the expertise of the designer(s) that brings the entire product to life. To some, the ideal shoe has areas of comfort in the right places, while others prefer an articulate style over a more cushioned experience. However, the collective bunch can all agree that a large portion of the props given to their favorite kicks should go to the pen and paper Graph-Heads that connect with a lifestyle they believe in.

The artist Shampoo is a freelance footwear designer, from Jersey City, NJ.

Pensole x ANTA _Higher_ (Tech Pack) by Shampoo 2012

NM Future runners type 1 2014

A Parsons School of Design graduate, Design Intern for New Balance, and Associate Designer for the PENSOLE Studio, Shampoo represents the tectonic structure of a craft that literally remains infamous from millions. At a distance, Shampoo resembles the same facets that make Graff so dope: ambiguity within the shadows cultivating with an art form, and ultimately, becoming an essential part of the art itself.

Set aside the time it takes to hone in on such a boutique craft, and try to imagine the essence of such a process. When was the last time you paid respect to the actual designer of your shoe collection? Jordan is not at home with Illustrator blaring from his monitor, or figuring out the next colorway to release. Shampoo is an individual mind amongst teams of great quality, with a look-book and resume’ to back up his proclaimed skill set.

Too often do we allow the creativity of another to flow to the wayside, as we tend to get caught up in the shallower parts of a design based industry. And while most artists enjoy the sanctity of a closed quarters identity, it is good practice to pay respect to those who are diligent with their focus and  modest in their art. Despite all the accomplishments, both scholastically and competition wise, and all the connections that have been made along the way, on a personal level, Shampoo has always been a hardworking artist and his productivity remains unmatched.

From New Jeru to wherever you are