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In the microwaveable world we live in today, there is less of a distinction between musical perspectives. Although there is an obvious clarification between genres such as  Trap Music and Conscious Rap, there tends to be no further breakdown within those genres themselves. Who are the Modernists ? Which artists are the Realists? The Futurists? We leave absent the artistic titles that the visual art world cherishes beyond merit.

Tidus would be considered an “Abstract Artist” amongst our modern age, to where the colors are familiar, but the pattern and texture are a bit disconnected from the norm. Pieces like this I have a strong appreciation for, simply because its symphonic components force you to pay attention, and once you do, the intricate portrayal of the words carry an interesting taste. Written and produced by his own hand, the song Blame Me starts off the conversation with “Well, why not?”, well before the question of “why” can be asked. Why not look to the sky and hope for better days? Why not puff this loud and relax with my thoughts? Why not say “to hell with societal confines, I’m going to do what I want”?  That is art in the purest form, and Tidus has been both intriguingly unorthodox and undeniably interesting in the same sentence.

“My teacher told me I had much potential. If only I would listen wouldn’t spend so much time with the principal. And maybe if Id’a listened it woulda been different. Wouldn’t have my family at a distance and feeling so distant. Making phone calls long distance I might miss Christmas. On the road GETTING IT GETTING IT GETTING IT .”