*directed by Shane McLellan

If you have never heard of names such as Apathy (Member of “Demigodz” and former member of Vinnie Paz’ group “Army of the Pharoahs”), and the crazy flows of emcee Chris Webby– Connecticut may seem to be void of artistic prowess in the hiphop realms. And although that might be somewhat accurate as a whole, anyone with a keen ear and curious eye will tell you that artistic energy of all forms resonates from every city across the map.

Sometimes, the price to get in is twice the admission.

Political Animals are a four piece rap group stemming out of New Haven, CT consisting of hard-style vocalist Sotorios, Bassist and funk-master Jen, Drummer and avid percussionist Trenton, and the scratch proof stylings of DJ Neb. For the record, this is not “Rock/Rap”- where the center of the music is rooted in heavy chord choruses and a screaming vocalist who “raps”. This is the embodiment of artists who collectively drop dopeness by using eccentric lyricism and funk/rap instrumentation as the key components to their art. While I can guarantee the creative process may differ from that of a traditional rap group, the core foundation is a shining resemblance of true rhythm-and-rhyme.

When Animals Attack PACT

In 2009, Political Animals spent their earlier career performing songs off of their album “When Animals Attack” at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT- a venue known for hosting acts ranging in popularity and genre. “When Animals Attack” housed singles such as “Wannabeez”, exposing the liars out there ballin’ on a budget and faking the funk; as well as a b-boy and graff-centric video for a track entitled “Blast the Bass” (Directed by Edwin Escobar) which is a hyped performance track for the rowdy, and a damn good edit too.

The consistency between live performances and pure originality has launched Political Animals into steadfast progression. In 2013 the band opened for Lupe Fiasco, enticing the crowd with not only their creative niche, but also played the score as b-boys invaded the stage and amped up the atmosphere of the entire venue. What sets Political Animals apart from most groups is their ability to drop work quite randomly, and still connect with the core structure of support. When the band is authentic, and the direction and artistry is pure, the more people it touches- the more people  that will rock with it forever.

Now in 2016, Political Animals are still representing that dope shit. Still spitting a sequence of flow that tests your truths and beliefs. And still got that “witty unpredictable live shit” to rock ya melon in. Although the next project has not been announced yet, I’m sure the band has a bunch more in store for the future. From the basement to the ground floor, we rock with y’all.

Black Mask and Broken Bottles below.

STAY CONNECTED x Political Animals