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Where does the line between grand and extraordinary come to meet? There are subtle differences between the great and the greater, yet who is to say what factors identify which? To those content with “blonde or brunette” meekness, a laissez-faire attitude is adapted and the fine tuning of an entire display goes unnoticed. But the in-depth naturalism of a model should shine brightly amongst perceptive eyes, while personal expectation wanders aimlessly awry.


The initial response to a majesty such as Dajana Rads can be viewed in different shades of perspective. The prominence of her organic features is undeniable through any looking-glass. Symmetry is science, and Dajana contributes a sharp affection for both glamour and poise. Soft toned and well balanced, there is a radiating feeling of fierceness behind each capture of the shutter release- flawlessly orchestrated with direction and prompt in relaying its purpose.

An affluent member of the Wilhelmina Model Society, Dajana has acclimated herself amongst the elite. About a year ago, Dajana was interviewed by the world renown media blog Highsnobiety where she stated “…No matter what life decides to throw at me, be it good or bad, to take it all as a lesson and to use all I’ve learned to better myself as a human being.” when asked about her life ambitions. More recently, Dajana was featured on the April cover of FLARE Magazine, where she and a few other models shared the well deserved honor.

Dajana’s style and professionalism can conform to the applied needs of any shoot. Comfy in a sweater with a smile, or draped in silk and stunning- the refined complexity of simple science is apparent in all of Dajana’s work. She is a gift to the world like sight to the blind, and we thank everyone who helps us notice it. Remember. Be witty, be true, be driven, but most of all… be yourself.


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