My day began with me stuck in front of a computer doing random shit for my boss. I think this is what many people call a job, y’know ‘adult tings’. Before I knew it, I was in my boyfriend’s car smoking a bowl and on my way to The Cage in Newark, NJ for Domain Wave 2. I’ve heard so much about the Cage and I’ve seen that a few local artists that I know have preformed there. Being my curious lil’ self, I wanted to know what the place was like.  I hit True up, our visual director, and he told me a little about how a local graffiti crew tricked the place out with different murals and pieces. Safe to say that if True says it is dope–IT’S TRUE, IT’S DOPE. (See what I did there?? Yeah I’m corny.) Domain Wave was born about a year ago and is run by WolfJuice, a creative production firm based out of Jersey City. Domain Wave, a brain child of WolfJuice, is a curated collective of talented individuals from different spectra of the artistic world to showcase local talents and most importantly, spread love and good vibes all around.


The Cage was exactly what I expected it to be and more. The venue had these high concrete ceilings and the most alluring art I have ever seen. We were greeted by the two young ladies at the door checking for tickets and I couldn’t help but lose my attention when they were talking to me because of how captivated I was. I’m a firm believer of a place can tell a story and I’ve always been the type to look around all the time. My eyes bounced around between live body painting by touSHAI,  live canvas art by TattBoyz, and visuals by Fatblood near the wall of the stage. However not limited to just that, there were equally as amazing musical performances by OGxHenny, Karma and Conundrum, PeteyKraze, Kush the Great, and Brain Orchestra just to name a few. WolfJuice can definitely throw a banger. The night was filled with extraordinary music, creative people, and phenomenal vibes.


Although I was not fortunate enough to attend the first Domain Wave I hung out with one of the OG Wolf Juice members, Andy Mac! If you do not know who this talented human being is, you need to! Andy is a brilliant photographer repping Jersey City and doing his thing. You know–taking over the world with one photo at a time. I’m so blessed that I was able to work with and get to know him a little deeper because he’s super artistic and very humble yet has a photographic style that is raw and natural. So enjoy these photos courtesy of him!