No Cover Charge

Travis Atreo is a debonair vocalist that tends to display his artistic oath in the form of Cover Songs. While most of his renditions are forested over an earth of Top 40 collections, Travis recently released an original piece entitled “Excited” (prod. by AFTRHOURS), to which the true character of his voice is unveiled and well presented. Originally from Seattle, WA, Travis has relocated to the sun-drenched lands of California where his talent has received immense praise from industry heads and peers alike.


Excited portrays the essence of being deeply intrigued by a woman- with hopes that she does not misconstrue the intense rush of emotions you have to offer. The “Cupcake Phase” is denounced as the initial period of a relationship where a couple walks across the trapeze-line of love and infatuation. Travis speaks of this event in its entirety, without knowing if his displays of admiration are a little too much for the woman he is involved with. Travis arms the chorus with “Tell me if I’m going too far, tell me if I’m going too far, do you like this? Cuz’ I can see the love in the dark, I can feel the beat of your heart… When you get excited.” and continues to vocalize his apparent curiosity throughout the well articulated verses. The mere act of “getting excited” is one that can either be a momentary stimulant or a feeling of memorable desire. Although Travis seems confident that his intentions are properly aligned, the experiment of knowing exactly what a woman likes and needs continues to be a mathematical equation only suited for Einstein himself. Whatever the case may be, time waits for no one, so it is best to not let passions be ambiguous for too long.

With over 15M channel views, close to 150K subscribers, and approximately 10M streams on Spotify, Travis Atreo has tuned his pitch to exceed the limitations of independent validity. Early last year, Travis released a cover to Taylor Swift’s hit single “Style”, which led to a tweet from Swift commending the beautiful chords and stylistic approach to her hit song. Amongst an array of videos that can be found on Travis’ YouTube (new material released every week), he is currently working on an EP that is scheduled for release in the winter months of 2016. With eclectic poise and an amazing vocal presence, the sheer power of Travis Atreo is phenomenal in its approach, and undeniable in its taste. Kudos.