The Natives

Let’s talk flow for a second. Let’s talk being in the pocket and delivering flames for a second. Let’s talk about one of the illest joints you can bump in the whip, and it just dropped yesterday. I swear, if 7triiibes drops another banger before the end of the month, I encourage some of y’all to go back to hustling. Or school. Or pick up some overtime. Whatever it is that ISN’T HIPHOP, go and do that. Because the way I see it, the dudes that make up the 7triiibes conglomerate, are trying to leave you no room to breathe.

This joint by Ki Bohiti featuring A-Bove and Siva, is one for the archives. As soon as the beat drops, you can feel the energy coursing through your veins. “La Luh Bye” is the second song off of Bohiti’s next project entitled AMERIKIIIN GUNN, scheduled to drop July 4th. Seriously, this isn’t a track, it’s a séance, resurrecting that pure feeling attributed to East Coast HipHop. No flashy “bling bars”, no Maserati’s or hundred-thousand dollar references, just straight FUEGO. And I would expect nothing less out of those repping that Triiibe shit. If it didn’t look so tacky, I would put 100 of those “praying hands” emojis. Big ups the homies out in NJ, definitely raising the bar with this one. F*ck it…