Rest in the West

In recent months, NJ lyricist Live Higher took a trip over to Cali and came back with a catalog of footy for the inventory. At the end of March, Live released mountainside visuals (peep homie rolling up in the back) for a track entitled Eternity (prod. by Zaman), which is a snippet similar to the video featured today. Turn Down (prod. by lilzhp) is the second installment of the Cali footage, and harbors a few post-production edits that bring life to the film reel. Turn Down is a bit more on the upbeat side in comparison to the first video, regardless, Live remains consistent with material and continues to walk his path with nothing short of a professional stride. As a prominent 7triiibes member and solidified CUTS Alumni, Live Higher is definitely on his way to knocking the hiphop world off its feet, and onto its head.

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