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For those who do not know. The Heights (JC), Union City, and North Bergen, are all connected by what seems to be the longest street in history: JFK Boulevard. NJ has been producing some of the most tremendous talent the past decade, and being from Jersey myself, it is an honor to experience the fruition my home state is evolving into.

North Bergen representative “Shake” is a key component in the preservation of quality. Alongside the smooth vocal presence of rapper “Phi“, the very core of Thru the Speakers resonates with majestic harmony and gives the listener that rare, fully rounded and complete feeling. The video production by Chance the Beast was phenomenal in providing cohesive visuals to such a melodic sound. Recently, Shake was featured on DJ Enuff’s “New at 2” with a track she dropped in January entitled, Trust Nobody, and has collaborated with NY emcee Vado, on a song entitled “New New” (below). Granted, Shake’s talent is the embodiment of hard work and determination, but the fact the entire 070 crew is full of vibrant minds is all the more encouraging for each person involved to go that much harder.

From Seattle to New Jeru, salute.