An Elite Fashion Experience

The sheer power of design and culture continues to be an eclectic staple for Vancouver Fashion Week. The divinity of brilliance, nurtured in the essence of fabric and pattern, is always commonplace for such an immaculate event. For the 27th season, Jamal Abdourahman (Founder of VFW) hosted over 100 designers ranging from solidified brands of elite tastes,  to emerging artists looking to leave a lasting impression.  For our second season, CUTS had the opportunity to not only mingle with world-class talent, but also experience the grandeur embedded in the threads of VFW’s legacy.

Jamal Abdourahman
Jamal Abdourahman

Natasha Chiew (R)

Natasha Chiew

Lesley Hampton (L)

CUTS Photog Ryan Summers and I traveled up from Seattle with a few new faces this season. Seattle Fashion Blogger Jorden Jakobs, Videographer Kizhan Proctor, and the lovely Vancity Model Hennasey Zimmerman, joined us for the festivities with interview prospects afoot. We watched the show from the VIP Stage, and set up our equipment to begin interviewing designers and models as their shows came to an end. The intricate color palettes and laser-precise cuts on most of the garments, sparked an intriguing sensation inside the eyes of the onlooker. Neo-Fashion statement pieces; Culture inspired gowns and dresses; Simple, yet, pristine collections- were just the tip of the iceberg when considering the immense variety the show had to offer. Couple that with an audience doused in  tasteful curiosity, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a fashion show.


Katherine Tessier

Blushing Boutique

Amongst the excitement, we ceased the opportunity to connect with progressive thinkers from all over the world. Recently graduating with a Bachelor’s in Fashion and Textile Design, The Natasha Chiew Collection (Australia) was an epitomic resemblance of unique patterning and innovation. Being heavy pleated and diligently made by hand, the results of sleepless nights and tremendous detail added character to the final product, and left a memorable presence for days to come. Blushing Boutique by Shelley Klassen (Vancouver) astounded the crowd with floral prints promenading across an assortment of dresses. Shelley’s collection was flawless, exhibiting a balance between professional and chic, but more so, displaying the conceptuality of true genius. While Blushing’s Spring Collection danced whimsically on the bodies of her models, the Fall Collection tightened up a bit to accentuate the frame of those blessed enough to wear it. And by all means, if there was ever a way to combine vibrant and contemporary, Gabrielab (Brazil) has the answer. The ability to hear a pin drop at a fashion show with hundreds in attendance, speaks volumes for the excellence Gabrielab showcased for us. With solid oranges, formal blacks, and a particular shade of green called “anagi”, Gabrielab’s Collection was authentic, well presented, and fashionably fun- all in one breath. We were lost in amazement as various students of LaSalle University (Vancouver) took flight on the runway, bearing the creations crafted by their fellow peers. The LaSalle show kicked off the Wednesday night presentation, incorporating a live vocalist and setting a high standard for those next in line. There were a multitude of pieces displayed from LaSalle- each rendering an interesting response but staying true to the “hair pulled back, exposing the models face completely” technique, in attempt to allow cohesiveness from one designer to the next. Stunning.

LaSalle School of Design


We were in the pursuit of experiencing the biggest VFW show to date, and quite frankly, found much more. Through our interviews with designers, we set out to capture a piece of their personality along with extracting info of brand related necessity.  Louena Franklin of Macano Designs (Calgary) relayed to us her “Shameless Love” of the Japanese Design Culture, and deemed her birthplace of Trinidad as the biggest inspiration for her choice of colors. The ladies from Emma Bellini (Peru) explained that charity and expansion of the brand would be the motives if they were ever-so-lucky to win the lottery. Gustavo Espinoza of Ankura (also from Peru) described his ideal client to be a “Powerful woman in her thirties” as his designs are geared towards prominent women of business. Additionally, it is interesting to note that when we asked the designers “If you had one superpower what would it be?”, the vast majority intends to “read your mind and fly”, so the next time you are traveling and see one of their garments that you absolutely must have, just know, psychic powers are in the works. But the ability to “Smell in Color?“, now that’s a superpower.

Thank you Jamal and the whole Vancouver Fashion Week team. Between the official staff, the designers and models, and our Media Partner team, each night stole a small piece of our hearts. Come back and visit the “VFW Interviews  tab (above), as we will be adding more interviews throughout the entire week. Until then remember to stay motivated, pursue your dreams, and stay steadfast in your ambitions. In the words of Seneca, “We must not drink from the river of life as if it will always be flowing”. We must match times swiftness and idle none, in order to grasp the greatness of our individual purposes. See you next season. (more photos of VFW below)


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Marvin Ryles

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CUTS In-House Photographer - Ryan Summers


Fashion Blogger x Jorden Jakobs


Vancouver Model x Hennasey Zimmerman


CUTS Affiliate x Ruby Macdonald



Kizhan Proctor

Chris “GenreShoots” Oduor