We’re constantly growing. Right about now Marvin is on his way back from Vancouver while I’m wrapping up acquisitions on the east coast. Despite our quickly filling schedules, we’re still looking out for our artists and creatives. It’s a full-time gig because we’re constantly asking ourselves, “How do we expose all this talent to an even wider audience?” It’s a problem that is a unique one because we’re not dealing with anything viral here. There aren’t any gimmicks or one-time surprises with this bunch. The artists here, like us, have worked hard from the bottom up. They are constantly revolutionizing the basement hustle–how to make trees from barren land.

We step into the formula by being a helping hand–you keep your dignity…you keep working. CUTS is your marketing manager, we’re building an organic home for organic creativity. The internet domain is a wild place. Holding the experience between Marvin and I alone, we know how to reign in that chaos so the ones focusing on becoming their own greatest potential can do just that.

Since we launched, we’ve come across masterfully produced music videos from a wide range of locales that rarely get mentioned on major media outlets. It’s no one person’s fault. The technology boom has opened up a huge door for amateurs everywhere. No longer are we in a society where anyone has to rap over speakers at house parties until some A&R catches wind of them. We’ve all seen supposed nobodies get million dollar record deals just off the exposure from a three minute web-clip.

There’s no one in the industry that can manage all that incoming creativity. That leaves a world where everyone’s trying to be viral. Striving for followers, numbers, and hits has diluted the field beyond recognition. No one gives a flying fuck about quality or skill until it comes down to getting mad about who’s getting the contracts. You’re feeding that machine just by clicking on shit to question why that person made it big or by telling your friends to check how ass it is. So what are these pompous fat pocket assholes doing up in the industry? They’re making things specifically to become something to talk about–no concern on ethics or whether it’s actually good.

Drake’s weird dancing in Hotline Bling? Any other point in hip-hop history I’m sure conduct like that would taint careers forever. No one is concerned though. It’s all about how many people these labels and execs can get talking about their products. That’s what it has become, a money making machine.

We, CUTS, don’t fuck with that shit. In an ideal world, we would be a factor in reversing it back to when hip-hop was too wild to tame and monetize as effectively as it is today. We fuck with music that is made for your ears specifically–not just anyone that gets hit within a buckshot radius. We look for music with substance, with a home, and by artists who dream like we do. Unfortunately these artists throw gems into shallow ponds often destined to never float into larger oceans.

Hold on…anyone remember The BOX? Some, if not most, of you probably would not. It was a TV channel focused on delivering on demand music videos. All you had to do was call in, dial the code for the video you wanted to watch, and miraculously Brenda’s Got A Baby would be on in two minutes or less. It was amazing, and possibly even better than MTV ever was.

CUTS should be like that. Tastes that are rooted in the people who listen, a culture building the culture.

Back to the point, I’m happy to introduce the first wave of what we would like to consider our rolling ocean–we’re carrying these hidden pockets of treasure around the globe. We’ve gone and built a channel driven by personal tastes rather than random clicks and we’re calling it Select CUTS (like some prime ass beef). Now that you got the backstory I’ll cut to the meat of this article. (mad corny, fuck with it though…I won’t do it twice)

Here’s a rundown of our first episode’s roster and their full music videos:

01 – 7TRiiiBES – TRiiiBE SiiiDE
02 – Goon des Garcon – SHITONYOU
03 – Vee Skeeno – Wht2Do
04 – Westside Gunn – Never Coming Homme
05 – 11:11 – Henny & Gin
06 – Gold Hippy – Visions
07 – Jay Ham – Top of the World
08 – Angelo Mota – I Love You
09 – Jazzy – The Whole 1/2

Special Mention – ILLFIGHTYOU (Full EP since they didn’t have a video)

These are all artists that have been featured here before. You can think of it as a recap in case you’ve been too lazy to look around or missed the funk from the start. Point is, this is where you come to discover what’s up. Cut the bullshit from the top, find yourself some music with that Craig Mack level of flavor under the surface.