History in the Making

Peddling merch on a horse cart in 1895, Cassel Goorin began his journey selling hats one by one in Pittsburgh, PA. At the time, it was common for merchants to sell hats, and even more common, for people to wear them. What was unique about Cassel (hence the Goorin “castle” logo) and his business was that it became an extension of the family, ultimately being passed down from generation to generation. As the company began to grow, the classic style continued to remain present in design and tradition, and outlasted the competition for years to come.



The early history of Goorin Bros. shares a consistency similar to many designers I catch wind of: The creation of an idea, and the implementation of that idea, from a ground level perspective– evolving into a more prevalent form day by day. I send positive vibes in hopes of every creative with a dream, that it transforms into a reality you could never believe to be true. The current family owner, Ben Goorin, recalls in a 2013 interview that he had seen an opportunity to expand the fruits of his great grandfather, and did everything he could to propel the brand further.


Vocalist Shyan Selah

I first stopped into the Goorin Bros. Seattle Pike Place location last year simply to take a glimpse, and was introduced to Savannah, the shop manager. The inside is quaint and plush in polished oak, and literally every wall is filled with hats according to style and fabric. We chatted for a bit, and being the lover of hats that I am (mostly fitteds but, you know), I purchased a derby for my first trip to VanFashionWeek back in October. She mentioned an event they would be throwing with live artists and a decent crowd, and although I was unable to attend, I do plan to check it out the next time around. I was pleased to find out as well, my writing idol, Stella Mowen, was also a fan of the brand- basically leaving me no choice but to experience the extent of their offerings.


From a lonely horse cart in Pittsburgh, to shops stretching from New York to Seattle, Philly to Cali, Toronto and Vancouver- Goorin Bros is a story that many can extract inspiration from, and I hope, that many do…

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Model Credits

Female Model: Annie Beust // Male Model: Luke Abiol