Academic Excellence

The presentation of an individual lays between a malleable balance of art and symmetry. There is a level of dedication needed in all aspects of the styling industry- as advanced knowledge of intricate detail can make or break the later stages of the process. However, while the stylist stays quietly reserved in the background, the magnificent display of their art form is conducive to the enhancement of those lucky enough to receive it.

Kiley Sullivan (right) aka “Feryn” (of Suicide Girls) is a rising student at the Toni&Guy Academy of Seattle- an internationally accredited school for hairstyling. After meeting with Kiley and the Academy Director Courtney Verble, the transparent importance of such an incognito craft is brought to life by both Kiley and the Academy. Inside, T&G Seattle is large and chic, dressed in white tile and glass fixtures. The students were occupied with clients, trimming and brushing as needed and ultimately orchestrating different creeds of proper hair-dom. Particularly, the work Kiley does is an epitomic resemblance of skillful poise. The ability to transform good to great, and great to perfect- seems to be a consistent achievement at the hands of Ms. Sullivan.


It takes a delicate touch to enhance the natural features of those in the “chair of trust”. Balayages and Ombre’s; Exact length and layering; Bounce, Depth, Care, and Conditioning- the sheer complexity of it all is a lucid reality for an aspiring stylist. Having been initially interested in “Feryn” as a model, it is a wonderful notion to see such a great talent gravitating towards “behind the scene” intricacies. To be a part of a specialized group of like-minded individuals coupled with the elite leadership of Courtney and the Academy, seems to be a perfect fit for Kiley, and with more continued success the sky is nothing but the beginning…

Big ups to Kiley and the Toni&Guy Academy.
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