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imageSerpentine Fire

The young talent of Vancity vocalist Raiel is on its way to flourishing beautifully. Raiel continues to be the man and the machine– seamlessly threading an intricate pattern of pitch and tune, and dedicating himself to all facets of the game. This is the Modern Renaissance I had previously spoke of. Not only is Raiel front and center, but even behind the curtain, he sharpens his sword against the shield of graphic design, writing, and the mixing/mastering of his own work. This track entitled “Serpentine Fire” (produced by Travis Atreo) is a small taste of the excellence Raiel will be presenting in the upcoming months. On the performing note, I stick by the initial statement I made months ago that this dude knows how to rock, and for the entirety of all that can be said, Raiel does nothing but grind.

-x- Raiel Performs Serpentine Fire x Live at Emotions Open Mic -x-