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Forty Minutes South

A good friend of mine, Chris aka Young Wavy, relocated from Jersey City to Seattle last month. The true god Young Wavy and myself, were walking through the streets of Seattle (Fremont) and peeped a promotional collage stapled to the wooden base of a street pole. We stopped to check out the upcoming shows and immediately Young Wavy says “Look there’s a crew out called ILLFIGHTYOU”, pointing to an upcoming event they were opening for. With such an upfront name, destined to get looked up- the shit better be good… With such an upfront name, we looked it up, and the shit is good. –Photo Cred x via ILLFIGHTYOU


UglyFrank, Khris P, and Glenn, make up the rap crew known as ILLFIGHTYOU hailing from the rising art of Tacoma, WA. To be honest, it has been quite the search to find dope hiphop content on this side of the country. Not that there is no good hiphop in the PNW- there just isn’t the vast majority of rappers and rhymers that I had been used to, but ILLFIGHTYOU is exactly the right brand of rap to push forward in a Seattle consciousness. Most recently, they shared the stage with verbal monster “Da$h” at the JazzBones Venue in Tacoma, and released a full-length EP entitled “CashInTheBathroom” mid last-year. The style of art these emcees bring forth is particular in its delivery and vocab, bearing the name of the crew with consistency. Hard schemes and abrasive flow, alongside the bass-and-percussion tweaked production, comes through clearly and well suited for the headnod.

We will be sure to keep you updated on ILLFIGHTYOU. Until Next Time…