The power of originality is an undeniable force once it is coupled with a sense of style. There is a certain level of authenticity that gains the respect of the seasoned ear, allowing the mind to dive through different levels of interest and nostalgia. When an artist’s work is not only impressive, but also grounded in a firm understanding of the artistry, the style that resonates is of the purest form. Jersey City Emcee and decorated 7Triiibes member Live Higher, released a project entitled “Just Live” and has honestly been a blessing at such an early stage of the year. Having networked with our Visual Director “True” at the Nothing But Love Event this past Friday, Live Higher put on for himself and his team with dope beats and lyrical prowess.


Just Live” is an awakening moment for hip-hop heads. Executively Produced by Zaman (hailing all the way from Germany) and featured production credit from lilzhp for the track “Not a Problem”- the beat selection alone gave way to a sound and well constructed body of work. After hearing Live Higher dropping syllables with unorthodox structure, CUTS is proclaiming 2016 the Year of the Lyricist. Live’s whole demeanor battles the instrumentation, in a sense. This is the type of artist that will not allow the beat to be the only hot part of the song. Proper placement of words and a vibrant flow structure sounds the best over that boombap neck break, and Live got it right without a doubt.

F*ck if you broke today, I guess we all need some change. You used to never like that picture now its in the frame?… You’re the greatest creation, this ain’t a contest. You’re surrounded by Satan so keep ya mind set.- Live Higher

Another thing to note is the presentation that pushes the envelope for Live Higher‘s album, but also lifts up his 7Triiibes family. The video that was released alongside the project entitled “Triiibe Siiide” (ABOVE) featured 7Triiibes in their entirety, but was officially embedded within Live‘s album. Team work is the dream work, but when the players are all talented- the dream, works itself.