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Nothing really compares in Hip-Hop when you hear an emcee from a city you have never been, or heard any emcee come from before. Hip-Hop. Once called the CNN of the neighborhood from The Bronx to Watts, Watts to Atlanta, and now, globally- gives a glimpse into the fashion, slang, and climate of community landmarks you will never find in any tourism guide. WestsideGunn is one of those emcees that sonically transports you to his hometown of Buffalo, NY. Definitely not  the first place people think of  pertaining to NY Hip-Hop. Putting out non-stop visuals and music through Griselda Records alongside his partner in rhyme Conway, WestsideGunn’s high vocal tone, killer designer wordplay, and clean crisp video production quality has his name generating a lot of attention.

The lush soul sample on this record “Never Coming Homme” off his Hitler Wears Hermes 2 project (supplied by in-house producer Daringer), is the perfect backdrop to the haunting hook performed by Tiona D and WestsideGunn’s crystal clear verses. Be sure to go and check out his new video for a track entitled“Mr. T” produced by Apollo Brown, and his upcoming project “FLY GOD”.

authored by our guest contributor Jesse H.