Collective Individualism

Typically, “Tom and his buddies” end up forfeiting their stagnant “art”, get married, and tell their children about how cool they used to be. For the rest of us, instead of focusing on just the art, we begin to perform a balancing act- mentally gravitating business concepts around our center-placed artistry. When passion is coupled with an inspired necessity, the wildfire that grows within is both undeniable and irrevocable. It is such a powerful truth to see artists cut away from the line at the door, just to find a window to climb through.


In today’s world, the average artist has become a form of the modern entrepreneur. Gone are the days of your craft being a lifeline where the brilliant minds of the accomplished offer a generous hand to the ambitious. We have transformed from the creative interviewee looking for a job- to the executive committee held accountable for every aspect of our niche. In the words of Darwin, “It is neither the Strongest or Smartest that will survive- but the one who is most adaptable to change”. In particular, the unfair catering of Big Business and the infinite flood of talent-less people, has created a market where the artist can not truly be invested in (without essentially being stranded in debt from the jump), and is forced to battle independently through an encyclopedia of “Tom and his buddies” throwing auto-tune over wack ass 16’s.

So What’s Next?

The first thing to realize is that no colleague, friend , or family member is going to embrace your art as much as you do. And while companies plan on selling out your life’s work for a $1M credit card and cents on the dollar in revenue- the idea of success that resonated twenty years ago has changed in the mind of the artist. Those who have a team of like-minded individuals in their circle should count their blessings, since a great deal of artists start their journey at the remedial level with hopes of acquiring a quality circle. Even so, without much initial financial backing, immense exposure, or high-standard connections, the realization that Every path thus far is wrong- so I’ll make my own” is deeper than most give credit for. When we turn our back on a flawed system and begin to create our own advancement, we empower the artists and dilute the system. It allows all art forms to work together to create collaborated projects that stem from collective individuality. Once we notice our options are unfair, the Modern Artist becomes the implementation of the networks we once sought, and perpetuates that independence for others to partake. Even the most greedy, self-centered, fartist will be pushing the envelope for others to take notes from, since the hustle remains the same. But true artist want everyone to win at some level.

We have become the Artist and the A&R:
To where we are no longer the commodities, but the colleagues.

“You want to speak to the Artist? Nice to meet you… Oh, the Manager? Look no further, I am him… Ahh, the painting on the wall? My homie right there, the one mean mugging you, that‘s his work… Did you come to talk business or are you wasting our time?”

So whether you are the inspired artist who is answering emails, attending events, knocking on doors, social networking, a great person, and a family man; or just simply…“Tom and his buddies”, the modern artist-sphere that blankets us all is more than just a million dollar dream. A true artists always knows money is the motive, but it is not the foundation. I enjoy meeting all different walks of art, as I too in my own write (right), am a part of this beautiful Modern Renaissance.- Marvin Ryles, Chief Editor of