It is not a rarity to find talent that stems from the deepest roots of the planet. The drive needed to transform practice into purpose is formed within the inner depths of the soul, and furthermore, bound to transmit beyond one’s self. Potential is there for everyone to tend to, but those who attempt a straight line atop a rigid path learn a bit more about what it means to need success. Antoine Tate aka GreedyBoy is living proof that having a goal is all it takes to accomplish one. Perfecting a dope record in your mind, and doing what you can to express it to the world- is creativity at its finest. “I See Dead People” is an organic form of rhyme-and-reason, and one of the illest concepts for a track we have heard in a while.

Update: We’re right on the cusp of Tate’s upcoming viral exposure, meaning there isn’t much information available to digest for our readers. We did find a GoFundMe page here that goes into explaining the inspiration and circumstances behind the song that we’ll quote verbatim for the sake of transparency:

“All I need is a push…  Already I’m heading in the right direction  after years of running in the opposite.  I made a vow to myself to step out of the streets and into the studio.. I’m making the concious delision to Walk Further Away from the fast money and drugs, and Closer to my Dreams…  Still all I need is push…  No one can honestly say that they did it all by themselves except The Creator…  But I’m trying to be a creator in my own right.  But yet, I admit I need some help…  I’ve only been home from Prison for two months and look at what I’ve acomplished.  My Plan is to purchase The Perfect Instrumental  then Record The Perfect Song.   (I See Dead People)  A song that I wrote for the late, great Michale Jackson;  you know, just incase I ever met the King of POP, I would have something that he would love to sing..  Originally I titled it “Thriller Two”  Well,  I believe it’s time for the Legend to shine through me..Antoine Tate…  Over 1,000,000 peaple have witnessed my hunger, ambition, heart and soul…  Now all I need is a hand to pull me up so the rest of the world may bare witness as well…  “Antoine Tate aka GreedyBoy

If you enjoy the art, we encourage you to support his efforts as well as other independent artists waiting in the weeds out there.