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Go Get Em’

The most cliche thing you can do in the past fifty years is point out the endless amount of talent NYC continues to harbor. That is quite unfortunate however, since New York makes it too hard to not compliment the concepts it brings forth. The independent markets are flourishing with impressive arts and each should be given its due props. When a collective of minds focus in the same direction, great things are bound to happen.

This joint by Jay HAM @jay.ham and Gold Hippy @goldhippy bring that classic “hit the gym and max out to this sh*t” type of vibe, but also carries the artistic clout needed to create dope work. The coherence between the rough lyrical content and aggressive pace of the instrumental, worked wonders within the overall production. The gang of homies marching through the set coupled with proper wardrobe changes, ¬†added further depth and texture to the entire display.

Gold Hippy dropping from the ceiling to start his verse… CLASSIC (haha)

What up NY, we see you!