NY Model and aspiring actress Raven Arce, has graced the camera lens with an elegant fascination. Her style of expertise incorporates a unique perspective to the art of risque, as well as an integrated balance of NY culture. In Sept 2015, Raven partnered with East Coast Media SpecialistUnderground NYC” in a productive shoot beneath the streets of NY. As the red dress brings Roger Rabbit to his knees, it also does well in exaggerating the perception of what seeing an NY beauty in the subway feels like. Although it may seem as if Raven is dolled up in a red dress, in reality, she is in her comfy sweater and scarf, shivering, and just trying to get to work. The idea is a premium taste of modern artistry and a contemplative working of creative minds.

As the photo shoot opens up, Raven accentuates a more vivacious presence by diving deeper in the realms of physical expression. The lacing of black leather suits the canvas that an NYC subway provides, but the contrast between the worn environment and Raven’s extravagance within it– serves well in making the project whole. As things start to intensify, the one-piece leotard ensemble coupled with lingerie-style portraits adds fruition to Raven’s attractiveness. Raven shines with immense poise inside the legendary tunnels of NYC, and it only gets better as we venture out to the sun-lit pavement.

Good for the Environment

As we travel up the stairs and out into the fresh air, we begin to realize that uber may not be that great after all. Maybe it’s time to take the train more often, or better yet, re-establish our love for biking around the city. The display of talent on both the Photographic Artistry and the eclectic embodiment of model Raven Arce, uncovers creative concepts amongst the culture we represent. Raven implements diverse ways to catch the intriguing eye and allures us with a grand presentation of true beauty. Whether posing amongst the gritty gray of the NY Underground or doused in the warmth of natural light, Raven defines perfection while, Underground NYC, captures it. Show us a flaw, and we’ll show you a liar. Big ups to the whole NYC culture and a special shout out to the elegant Ms. Raven Arce and Underground NYC.

Raven UNYC

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