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We have finally reached the moment where all things reset. Another 365 has been bestowed upon us, although, we should be grateful to have even another minute added to our lives. I, for one, have a lot of work ahead of me, but feeling very positive about the unknowable future. I hope to be a part of many different ventures as the year progresses, and continue to spotlight the greatness within our creative cultures. While it is true, the CUTS Team officially set sail July/August of 2015 we plan on celebrating our features as a tradition, ever year. There has been monumental talent and artistry featured on CUTS thus far. So for those who might have missed the earlier days, merely revisiting after hiatus, or just brand new and intrigued– here is a glimpse of some of the gems we have met throughout our adventurous journey as a publication.

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Jersey Has Hip-hop
Ki Bohiti x Dec. 9th

In-Depth Interview
Model Jessica Rose x Nov 12th

The Dopest Creative Event
Emotions Open Mic x Aug 1st

Alan and Floetic #EMOteam x PhotoCred. Ryan Summers

R&B Project of the Year
11:11 x Dec. 19th

11x11 EP Cover

A Master Barber
Stu Does Hair x Aug 5th

NY Has Hip-Hop
Danse Daimons x Aug. 27

Danse Cover

Official Media Partners
Vancouver Fashion Week x Oct. 9th

Two Ladies. One Dream.
Loyal Coalition Showroom x Oct. 3rd

Model Fashionista
Willow Sias x Oct. 10

Melodies and Heavy Bass
Barry Allen and KT x Aug. 1st

AFTA KT Barry Allen

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 Photography Book

Black Logo Large