11x11 EP Cover

Raptor With Golden Chords
[11:11ep review]

The things we may speak highly of today, have the capacity to become the core of our desperation tomorrow. An entire body of work should touch upon both the angels and d’evils of certain experiences. While the R&B approach to love in the sensual sense is classic, the grand components of an artists’ message is understood when the time is taken to convey honesty, and furthermore, relay truth.

Toronto-based vocalist and seasoned artist “11:11”, released his Self-Titled project on Oct. 21, 2015. Within the threads of the piece, 11 displays a few collected perspectives that stem from their own individual spectrum. While the song I’m Good relates to an intimate situation going astray and the unraveling of a long term commitment- the lyrics for “Henny and Gin“, cascades its boisterous shine in a different sky altogether.


There are three levels of talent displayed within this body of work. For one, the structure and fluidity of the tracks allowed the album to feel neither dull, or strenuous, to the listening ear. The EP begins with a few well crafted harmonies for you and yours, and sets an initial impression with classic vibes. The song entitled “You” speaks about the tangibles of life never comparing to the irreplaceable affection a woman has to offer- as if everything in the world can mean nothing as long as an integral piece of the soul is missing. Secondly, the seven songs on the 11:11EP  literally capture seven unique listening experiences, as well as a consistent professionalism across the board. From the soothing vocal tone of the ballad “Don’t Worry“, to the foreplay-based track “BYO” (where wearing clothes is simply, not an option)- 11 composes vivid material that invokes both knowledge and nostalgia to the attentive mind. Lastly, the malleable vocals of artist 11:11 sits cohesively over the flames produced by the legendary Matthew Burnett and  Mike DZL. As a whole the entire project is seamless with its delivery, and punctual in its taste.

“Tell me what you wanna do shawty- If you wanna roll one… Baby f*ck it roll one.”

On Both Sides

Production wise– The project is well rounded and finely tuned by producers Matthew Burnett and Mike DZL. The heavy melodic tones and hard bass patterns open up the ears with fullness and variety. While some of the instrumentation contains attributes of a contemporary style, the presentation continues to resonate with power and originality. Hearing the beat “solo out” towards the tail ends of some of the tracks was an added treat for the selected songs. For an artist, having producers that can capture different “feels” with instrumentals will help awaken the creative genius, and furthermore, increase the likelihood of an organically dope record.  The production on this joint is without a doubt a prime example of great craftsmanship.

Artist wise– 11:11 has complete control of every cadence and tone in his arsenal. The vocals blend well with the emotions they represent, giving the lyrical content enough room to shine independently on its own stage. While it would be intriguing to hear 11:11 with more “arpeggio” presence in some of the tracks, his brand of artistry faces no exponential drop or increase pertaining to any  technical propositions of his work. His voice is distinct and seasoned, and from beginning to end it is evident that 11:11 is in a league of his own.

The 11:11 EP