Below is a good representation of how the night went…






 “And Another One…”

From the East to the West one thing is for sure. Designers will always bring out the city once the anniversary of their Clothing Brand arrives. At first, Loyal Coalition was solely an online entity producing shirts and their signature beanies. Since opening their flagship showroom in November 2014, owners Heather and Ami have expanded the brand into a multitude of Loyal Coalition items. These ladies have been putting in tremendous effort towards reaching noteworthy milestones, and have solidified themselves amongst an array of culture. To celebrate the birth of a vision that continues to improve each year is worth the extra shots, and remember, there is nothing in the morning that coffee will not fix.

vancity republic_4

Photographer Ryan Summers and I visited the Loyal Coalition Showroom back in October, and since then, it was destined for all of us to live it up before the year ended. In Vancity, the support that gravitates around one creative mind to the next remains undisputed. Every time we visit and cover an event, we experience the unraveling of a night in such a grandeur fashion. It is always a joining of individual groups that genuinely want to see each other evolve and succeed. A rare breed of authenticity, but it remained constant as the fun proceeded inside of the Republic Night Club.

With more liquid in my stomach than recommended, plans to leave the club scene and hit the “unwind” button were being devised amongst the group. Everyone cheers’d their last heavy pour of the night, and soon started closing tabs and tipping toonies. We ventured over to an unnamed location via Howe St. and kicked it for another hour or so as the decline of the night set in. Thank you Loyal Coalition, for allowing us the opportunity to relax in Vancity for a moment and be a part of such a monumental period in your journey. We wish you all nothing but the best, and much prosperity going forward. Until next time…