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Hold up. He Said…

I’ma come in the game and break barriers, cuz rappers are weak they aint scaring us. And I don’t need [ya] no more, im done with it. And if you give me advice I wont listen. And if you tell me to write, I wont write. Cuz’ you can’t write visions, I spit what Im feeling…“- Bernard Jabs

Wait a minute.

Right Hooks and Straight Jabs

The grand State of Georgia has now set claim to one of the illest young minds of late. To be a lyricist at the turning age of fourteen– Writing and Recording Artist, Bernard Jabs, has an immense amount of  progressive talent. As if to mature from the wisdom of hiphop, Jabs’ content strays from the “cartoon and cereal” approach known from younger artists. In fact, the power and potential behind Bernard Jabs’ voice keeps the “adult” mind interested, rather than being forced into an empathetic ear. Jabs’ got bars period.

Chasin’ girls I got asthma. We all Sinners my dude, even the Pastor… Now a days I’m on my worst behavior. And people lookin’ at me like I’m Highly Favored.- B. Jabs


Bernard Jabs sits amongst an exceptional team of artists under the independent label “Foredise Records“, alongside label mate and previous CUTS Feature, Goon Des Garcons. The beat, crafted by the stylistic mind of Producer Trellgotwingsalso gave balance to both Jabs’ lyrical content and multi-characteristic flow. While Jabs’ latest project The Spring Tape consists of an array of production, the “Jabs-n-Wings” combo was the perfect choice to begin the tape with. The CUTS Team looks forward to hearing some of Jabs’ newer material, as we are sure that it will be nothing short of FIRE.


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