Wait, Who’s Mixtape?

Jazzy II

Every artist and entity we feature on CUTS, has allowed us to be a part of a great system. The true representatives of a culture will always be recognized by like minds, and to see an emcee from NJ make strides towards a promising future is beyond inspirational. No matter where you reside, dope is dope, and Jazz is no exception to the rule.

Writing and Recording Artist “Jazz”, has reached a classic milestone in a budding artists career. The appreciation for mixtapes has had timeless attendance in the world of hiphop. Fabolous has been known for consistently releasing mixtapes for over a decade, and for Jazz to be featured on Fab’s newest released Summertime Shootout (Ranking 9th on Audiomack.com), is credit being properly given to an amazing talent. The second song on the mixtape “Real One” exhibits a Lauryn Hill sample in the instrumental and features Jazz conducting adlibs over the chorus and pieces of Fab’s verses, in addition to a sinker-verse by Jazz at the end. We also featured Jazz in a previous article titled “What’s Up With AllThaaatJazz?!” back in August, and we are proud to see her continuing in a progressive direction. Jazz most recently appeared at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn, demonstrating some of her poetic talent through spoken word, as well as providing the crowd with an a capella treat. Jazz is a fresh mind in hiphop, and her uniqueness is bound to travel the distance.

Peep Fabolous and CUTS Alumni Jazz on the “Summertime Shootout” Below.
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