Reclaim the anchors and let us drift across an ocean of prosperity. The meager grow still, wasting away in intolerable rafts amidst the waves of adversity. But those who bear a chest plate of determination remain driven towards the rush, as if to push each droplet into a jar. The expedition of life continues every day, forcing the weak to find solace within their comforting troughs. But the few, who travel with disregard to weary feet and bloodied shirt, shall transcend into freedom and set claim to the planted fruit.

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Actor and entrepreneur Justin M. Woods, has allowed his drive to guide him forward through the calm and rough. There is something distinctly noticeable about those who maintain progression. For anyone who knows the wear-and-tear of the daily grind, remaining clear and focused can be a façade on many occasions. However, keeping a balance between truth and perspective is how relationships are made, directions are recalibrated, and wheels are kept spinning. To understand that concept alone is of expert mentality, but the poise Justin retains is seemingly unscathed by such high demand.

Since 2008, Justin has been involved in many motion pictures ranging from small independent productions, to major featured films. Woods earned his first credited role as “Risen” in the full-length film Draconis Olim (2011). In consecutive years since, he has attained notoriety amongst an impressive catalogue on both Movie and Television platforms. With industry-credited roles in the crime thriller “Frenemies” (2014); features in the documentary styled series “Deadly Sins” (2014); and pilot credits for “Empire City” (2013), Justin Woods has been displaying his art form amongst a culture of esteemed talent.


  • DARK KNIGHT RISES (Motion Picture) 2012
  • THE LETTER (Motion Picture) 2012
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Being passionate is not enough. In order to grow, you must push harder every day and keep in mind what the next step towards success is. Justin Woods has a progressive soul. While acting may be his main focus, he also dabbles in the realms of business ownership. In November 2014, Justin and his Business Partner, Orion Phillips II, started a “Media Branding and Consulting Firm” called Stone Wolf Entertainment, focusing on developing many talents within the music/movie industry.

When a strong-minded individual decides there is much more than a 9 to 5, the world becomes vast with possibilities…

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