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Jessica Rose

For men and women of reserved taste, the landscape of beauty that intrigues us is viewed in deep wonder. Precarious minds that experience the same display, have yet to acknowledge that the inner makings within said “beauty” is intimately connected to the outer appearance. For as long as time reveals all, no level of elegance will ever supersede the absence of articulation.
We interviewed model Jessica Rose for two reasons. The first being to tap into the mind of an attractiveness that most of us rarely get a chance to explore. And secondly,  dilute the inaccurate statement that beauty is only skin deep. In her first interview ever, Jessica represents the wholeness we yearn for amidst a cosmetic culture, and with absolute certainty, her passionate purpose transcends through a divine shell.

An Intimate Interview with Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose In your eyes, what defines beauty?

“Being accepted or not caring about what other people have to say about your flaws. Embracing who you are, being an inspiration and a role model. A strong minded individual. A beautiful soul can really have an impact on someone’s life.”

What is the most impactful advice you have ever received, and how has it added to your life?

“Starting out in this industry I had no clue where to start or how to start. People didn’t call me to see if I needed help. I had to mess up and piss off a few people to earn my respect. Best two things I’ve ever been told were, one- ‘to take a risk, If you fail, you get up and find another way to succeed.’ The worst is to be stuck thinking ‘what if’. And the second was, ‘please yourself before you please anybody else. If you live to please others, you will never be happy.’ At my lowest moments I hear these phrases and I work even harder. When a photographer or director tries to bring my spirits down, I always keep smiling and stay true to who I am.”

In today’s world, what worries you most?

Jessica rose “People not going after what they want, because others think ‘Art’ isn’t a real job. I was speaking with a girl a while ago and she told me, ‘I did acting in high school and it made me the happiest girl alive, but I stopped because I had no support. My parents didn’t agree either and everyone kept taking it as a joke. I can’t pursue an acting career.’ It hurts me to see people giving up what they love to do, because someone else told them no. I pray we all don’t lose sight of what we want in life because someone else doesn’t believe in it. We need more Role Models.”

A diamond necklace, or free foot rubs for a year?

“I want the biggest rock around my neck, and I consider myself independent enough to rub my own feet.”

If you could give a speech to a room of teenage girls, what would you tell them?

“Love yourself! Every inch. Every imperfection. Everyday! Never think you’re not good enough because he or she told you so. You are powerful. Be respected and respect others. We have to stop thinking we’re all in competition with each other. We are all different and living for different reasons. Stay true to who you are. Dreams do come true, as long as you keep working for it and have set standards for yourself.”

Lastly… Who has inspired you the most?

“Everyone who told me this wouldn’t get far. My friends who kept pushing me to never quit, and most importantly, a man I respect so much for his hard work and ambition. I thought I was the only one who wanted this dream so bad until I met him. I saw him working from morning to night writing music, recording tracks, and battle rapping. His soul just matched mine instantly. Thank you Ty for becoming what we all need, a role model. God bless everyone who continues to see me grow and admires my work as much as I do. I have the power and energy because YOU ALL BELIEVE IN ME. Forever in my hearts wherever I go!”

When positive drive is among the willful, the possibilities are endless…

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