An Emcee Milestone

To hit the stage of the legendary NYC venue, “SOB’s“, will forever be a pinnacle in an emcee’s career. From the Hiphop Icon Rakim, to the BK verbalist Danse Daimons– the history of the Manhattan powerhouse will remain a concrete force of the East Coast for years to come. Namgawd added himself to that list on Oct 27, 2015 along with his ThirdWurld crew member “Troy B“. This is what I love about hiphop: It’s just me, the mic, and my mans… Now let’s get it. The performance included songs “Nothing 4 Me” (previously spotlighted on CUTS), and a newer release entitled “Battleships“. Although Namgawd begins the set planted front-and-center of the stage, the climactic intensity comes to fruition as one track transitions to the next.

The remix to “Nothing 4 Me” featuring Nam’s videoed hypeman Troy B, will be released in the next couple of weeks. Not saying that we will let you know but, ya know….