First and foremost… That’s a Jersey City Chicken Spot on the cover. The amount of people I would slap RIGHT NOW for a 3-piece with fries from Goldy’s up on Bergen Ave- would be plentiful. What is ironic however, is that the “Untitled EP” emits the same flavor I would throw hands on you for. The crispness of Los’ work adds spice to the grittiness of its true manifest, and provides an integrated supply of resonance for your ears to taste. The project in its entirety combines modern acapellas of the hiphop world and vocal stimuli, weaved into the steadfast composition of Los’ style. As with all music, the foundational aspects of any given genre need to be satisfied before the artistic talent is appreciated. Without a doubt, Los has continued to perfect the “speedy” qualities of good Chicago Juke music, but completes the circuit by relaying a well constructed diversity across all fronts. With features from CUTS Alumni and Jersey City Producers, Scatta and Two23, as well as being the newest member of the “JukeBounceWerk” crew- the Untitled EP could not have been more of a success.

I am honored to be kept in the loop pertaining to the budding seeds of Juke. Every time something new crosses my path, it contains a rhythm that I am just beginning to get accustomed too. This art form is an authentic piece of musical congruity, deserving a rightful spot in the headphones of all. The blending of two distinct entities created the Surf-N-Turf, and now can be seen in the innovation between Juke-N-Club. So grab some of those cheap ass napkins out of that flimsy ass bag, and enjoy.